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Introducing Superior Healthcare's New Nurse Managers

Clinical Operations Manager, Adele Blythe, talks in more detail about our expanded Nurse Manager team in the complex care division.


Over the past year, we have experienced one of the most challenging years the UK healthcare sector has ever faced. For carers and nurses working around the clock to care for patients with Covid-19 symptoms, they have faced sleepless nights and exhausting shifts. Superior Healthcare wants to ensure our team members are supported, which is why the company has expanded its Nurse Manager team. Through job creation, ongoing training and a strong support system, Superior Healthcare is ready to change the lives of our team and the people depending on our care for the better. Adele Blythe, our Clinical Operations Manager, explains what we’re doing to support Superior Healthcare’s team of carers and nurses and how it’s already made a difference.

Having a team of Nurse Managers can make all the difference when it comes to the work we do. As well as providing support, bringing a wealth of experience and using their clinical expertise in a complex care environment, Nurse Managers oversee their care teams to ensure that excellent levels of care and commitment are delivered to our clients and their families.

We decided to expand our existing line-up of Nurse Managers and enrolled the new team members in October of last year, which allowed us to divide our services into adult and paediatric divisions. Ultimately, this means a reduced caseload for team members and increased time spent with clients.

What responsibilities do our Nurse Managers have?
When it comes to the responsibilities assigned to our new Nurse Managers, it’s fair to say there’s a lot of client-facing duties involved. When we are awarded a new package, the local Nurse Manager with the relevant expertise will set aside time to meet and get to know the client and their family, carry out a care needs assessment, prepare care plans and risk assessments, complete all paperwork and introduce new carers to our client and their home. They’ll also ensure the care team is a suitable one for the client, before holding inductions for the team members. The managers will then arrange shifts alongside current carers (if it’s a package that’s already underway) or they will supervise, sign off on competencies – depending on the individual client’s needs – before they lone work if the package is a new one.

For our team, Nurse Managers are vital in terms or providing support on shifts by way of direct observation of practice, off-site supervisions, team meetings and troubleshooting. All our Nurse Managers have the essential clinical skillset that’s required to properly oversee packages and lead an independent team. Resilient and prepared to take on a very varied role, these experienced professionals are confident in their own ability, ready to lead by example and quick, critical thinkers who can make crucial decisions on the spot.

It’s not common for healthcare providers to have this level of nurse management structure in place. This strong support system is not only something our nurses and carers can rely on for guidance, but also added reassurance for our clients, knowing that there’s an additional level of expertise on-hand to deliver their care. Our increased team of Nurse Managers will encourage more client interaction and ensure the relationships with our clients and their families are as strong as possible.

What differences have our Nurse Managers made?
Having additional Nurse Managers on board is already making a difference. The biggest change I’ve observed is the amount and quality of support that is available to both our clients and our team. Being in the field as opposed to being in the office most of the time means a more dedicated focus on fewer packages. Like case management, this role is seeing our Nurse Managers working closely with our clients and their families on a select number of packages to provide the excellent levels of care our clients require. I’m excited to see these positive changes, as they’re becoming more and more evident as each week goes by. Our team is happy, rotas are filled and our teams can focus on smaller groups of clients – meaning they have the capacity to give their all to the people they’re looking after.

Employee Focus

Meet Jo, one of our Nurse Managers. Here’s a little more about her. 

Name: Joanne Gutteridge

Job Title: Paediatric Nurse Manager

How long have you worked at Superior Healthcare?
I joined Superior Healthcare in 2015 as a Nurse working as part of a complex care package before becoming a Lead Nurse in 2016.

What’s your favourite part of the job?
My favourite part of the job is enabling service users and their families to be cared for at home and seeing developmental milestones that may not be achievable in a hospital environment, such as supporting children with complex conditions to attend nursey with the accompaniment of our ataff. I also enjoy facilitating the Nurse and Carer teams to work collaboratively in providing a safe and caring environment.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?
Time management and unpredictability can be a challenge as an organised day or week can change in an instant.

What does a typical day look like for you?
There is no such thing as a typical day in the role of a Nurse Manager. Our carers and nurses work across 24/7 packages so there can be some early starts and late finishes. It can range from being an admin day to being out in the field – working in healthcare is usually unpredictable, so each day depends on what has occurred within our client caseload and we attend to these as needed.

Can you tell us a surprising fact about you?
My guilty celebrity crush is James Corden. I love gin but allergic to tonic. I can play Dance Monkey on the recorder (but only in private!)

If you weren’t a Nurse Manager, what would you be doing?
I’d be a social worker.