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Giving nurses the recognition they deserve

It’s Time We Gave Nurses the Recognition They Deserve

This year has been difficult – and even more so for nurses. Already in a demanding role, nurses were suddenly challenged by the unparalleled effects of Covid-19, and all the tough restrictions and regulations that came with it.

We’ve seen the struggle first-hand, with nurses across the UK putting their own needs to one side while working around the clock to ensure their vulnerable patients were protected from the outset. With this in mind, we decided it was about time we placed these incredible people in the spotlight, gave them the recognition they deserve and introduce them to career-boosting opportunities within nursing they may not have come across.

Nursing in the community

That’s why we wanted to take a moment to speak with Alison Wilkin, our Head of Learning and Development; and Adele Blythe, our Clinical Operations Manager, to get some insight into what it means to be a nurse out in the community, especially now.

In a recent Facebook Live video created for nurses looking for a change, Alison and Adele outlined the differences between working in nursing within a hospital environment and within the community and the significance of providing tailored care to individuals in their own homes.

Nursing is by no means an easy career at the best of times, and a little support and encouragement can go a long way when it comes to dealing with difficult situations (a global pandemic, for example). When choosing a healthcare provider to work for, it’s important to take certain aspects into consideration. It’s likely you’ll want to be able to provide patient-centred care, have more time to do something you love and ultimately be acknowledged for the work you do.

What about complex care?

Working within complex care allows you to work one-on-one with a patient in their own home, all while tailoring your skills and experience to suit the needs and preferences of the individual in question. Doing so will also enhance your abilities and provide you with further experience that’s both valuable and rewarding. Yes, working in the community can be just as intense as working on a ward, and complex care requires high levels of clinical skills not dissimilar from those needed in a hospital. However, there’s a great deal of room for progression and career development too.

With a background in children’s nursing, higher education and training, Alison is now responsible for the in-house training at Superior Healthcare. Working within our complex care division, Adele is a registered manager and builds teams of nurses to provide care for children and adults with complex care needs. In the video, Alison explains the significance of senior support for nurses who are working closely with families in their homes, and Adele reveals how nurse managers can make all the difference when it comes to conducting supervisions, team meetings and providing hands-on support to nurses who could be feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated.

We want to change that.

If you missed it, you can watch the video below.

At Superior Healthcare, we’re conscious of the amazing work carried out by nurses and, honestly – it’s difficult to not be in awe of them. If you’d like more recognition for what you do, the opportunity to provide patient-centred care, and the chance to thrive in a career you love, get in touch with us now.

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